VOTE Clint Sobratti

for Maryland House of Delegate District #39

A New Voice For The People
It is only after we have challenge and changed the most basic and fundamental viewpoints about who we are, then we can really begin to think about true liberation and equality for all.  

Far too often, we choose to elect candidates with catchy slogans and empty promises.  However, the time has come to change the way we are represented by the politicians we vote into office. It is time for them to be held accountable for their failed political promises. 

My mission is to be a catalyst for positive change in our community. I will empower the peoples’ voices, make an impact by creating affordable programs, and will focus on community integration, diversity, and equal opportunities for all.

 I have chosen to run for House Delegate of District 39 because I share some of the same visions as many of my constituents. I believe in equal pay for equal work.  I believe that if you work in this county, you should be able to afford to live in this county.  I believe there should be additional funding for adults and children with disabilities; as well as access to affordable mental health programs. Additionally, I believe that if you have paid taxes in this county for over 7 years, there should be a path to citizenship.   Together, we can strengthen our community by creating solutions to common problems.  My word is my honor and I pledge to work for you by creating opportunities that will be affordable, accessible, and allow inclusion of all members of the community - regardless of their income bracket.  Please join me in the fight and together we can make District 39 an equally diverse community.

The People’s Voice, The People’s Fight,
The People’s Choice

VOTE  Clint Sobratti for District #39

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