Issue's facing District 39

Equal Rights and Opportunities

  • Workforce reform for gender & income equality
  • Expand voting rights
  • Establish policies to protect LGBTQ rights
  • Enforce discrimination laws


  • Early intervention and prevention programs for At-Risk Children
  • Expansion of special needs programs for children with developmental disabilities
  • Implement trade programs into secondary school curriculums for technical, vocational and innovative skill development
  • Universal Education-families experiencing financial hardships should not be excluded from higher learning   

Affordable Housing

  • Expand affordable housing programs
  • Lift housing restriction requirement
  • Introduce pathways to permanent housing (Pathways Housing First Model)

Community Integration

  • Introduce new legislation for additional funding for children & adult with developmental disabilities
  • Expand substance abuse and mental health services (SAMHSA)
  • Enforce the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) by providing a full range of support and services for individuals to successfully participate in their communities


  • Protect DACA families from deportation
  • Introduce stateship programs for undocumented immigrants (Path to citizenship)


  • Expansion to I-270
  • Designated local bus lanes
  • Invest in Mass Transit
  • Formulate transit police division

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